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Kind Attention: Kalp LABoratories (A unit of Pvt. Ltd.) situated in Mathura city (Uttar Pradesh) is highly progressive training center invites application form for interested individuals to undertake Dissertation based Research Training and basic skill development Program  of young students in field of Life Science/ Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Molecular Diagnostics, Agriculture, Pharmacy etc. Candidates will work in a laboratory for a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum period of 6 months based on their research interest.

Join Biotech/Microbiology/Agriculture/Pharmacy under one roof

Skill Development Dissertation Program in Life Science-2019 (SDDPLS)

The online/offline facility of application will open on 10.04.2019 and will be closed on 10.05.2019


Candidates pursuing B.Sc/ (during any semester) Integrated M.Sc (from the third years onward) in any branch of Life Science are eligible to apply for this program.


May- 15-05-2019. (Timing: 10:00AM to 05:00PM)


Molecular Biology:- Total genomic DNA & RNA Isolation, Plasmid isolation, PCR, Cloning of (cDNA Ligation), C-DNA Synthesis, DNA Fingerprinting, Restriction Digestion, Agrose Gel Electrophoresis, Quantification of Nucleic acid, Southern/ Northern Blotting Technique etc.

Microbiology:- Media preparation, Types of media, Maintenance of media, Sub-Culturing, Antibiotic Sensitivity Test, Pure Culture Isolation through Solid Media, Characterization of Antibiotic from Microbes, Morphologically identification of microbes etc.

Biochemistry & Enzymology:- Protein separation By SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting for protein identification  Estimation of enzyme activity, Biochemical Test- Blood Sugar Test, SGOT, SGPT etc.

Immunology & MLT:- Isolation of Serum and Plasma from Blood, Blood group test, Determination of protein contents in Blood sample, ELISA, Uric Acid Test, ABG, Electrolyte, Cholesterol estimation etc.

Agriculture: Plant tissue culture, Sub-culture, Identification and characterization of plant disease, Isolation of DNA from Plant, Blood and Bacterial samples.

“Certificates would be issued to candidates on completion of the project work

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